Social Bookmarking

We already know about bookmarks due to the internet browser. What does a bookmark mean in a browser? It’s easy. It is to keep saving the favorite webpage’s URL for future reference. This is the way you can quickly enter your favorite site.

The same thing goes for social bookmarking. It includes searching for and saving sharing sites or webpages by using social bookmarking sites. The biggest example of a social bookmarking site is Reddit.

However, you need to find those sites that perfectly match your niche.

Promoting your blogs and articles on those sites will assist you to feature in Google SERPs.

Visitors who visit your site from these social bookmarking sites do such acts. The reason is they find your site very interesting from those sites and eventually end up on your site to get more info from a relevant topic.

Hence, you’ll have a chance to add social bookmarking buttons on the site. As a result, the whole off-page SEO process gets much more convenient. 

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