Keywords Research

Best Keywords Research & Analysis for Your Niche:

What’s the first step to ranking your content in Google? You need to do the KW research thoroughly. Without proper KW research, it’s impossible to rank in search engines. Brian Dean once said - “Seo is basically nothing without proper KW research”. 

If you don’t research KW thoroughly, your Seo project will fail for sure. But, the first question is what is a keyword? Usually, when people search for something in a search engine, this is called a keyword. The keyword is the most important thing in on-page Seo. 

When you’re doing on-page Seo optimization, give the most priority to the KW research. For example, you’re searching Google for “the most influential people in the world”. When we search for something in the search engine, it will show us the results on the base of our search. 

After searching for the most influential people in the world, the search engine will show you the result on the base of this keyword. All the websites that are showing results built their content according to this keyword. 

So, it's clear why the keyword is so important for on-page Seo optimization. 

During searching for keywords, you should select your goal wisely. For instance, you want to build a software site. After a while, you think it's not perfect for you and lose interest. What’s then? Your time, effort, and money - everything will be lost. 

Since it will be completely foolish to start the site with a high-competitive keyword, you should search for low-competitive ones. This is how you can attract a high amount of visitors. 

But, how you can analyze a niche and know the low competitive keywords for that niche? You can earn knowledge through various keyword tools such as Ahref, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, etc. 

On-Page Optimization for Targeted Keywords

What does it mean to do on-page SEO optimization? It means creating an SEO-friendly article. However, most of the writers push targeted keywords in the content. Once upon a time, this tactic worked. But, it's now irrelevant because Google finds it keyword stuffing. 

Google’s AI is now much smarter and it can know easily the topic you’re writing. Therefore, abandoning keyword stuffing and writing high-quality content to get value from Google. 

Now, the question can come how can I optimize the content for targeted keywords? That’s a good question! 

In such a case, you can use related keywords apart from the targeted ones. For example - you’re writing an article on “Best Pistol Safe for House in 2023”. 

Let’s guess that “Best Pistol Safe” is the focus keyword here. When you write content regarding this keyword, you can use the best handgun safes, top pistol caskets, etc type related KWs. That will be helpful. 

Do you know what types of facilities you’ll get by using related keywords alongside the main one? Let’s check - 

Google and other search engines can easily find out your content 

The ranking chance will get increase since the other KWs will also have an impact on people’s search intent

No chance of over-optimization. And, Google will also find it more user-friendly. Thus, your content will get a nice sight from Google. 


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