Heading Tag Setup

When you’re writing content, you should structure them in a sophisticated way. Don’t jam the whole content in one place. Otherwise, readers will find it boring and ultimately leave your page. This is how the bounce rate will get high and your website’s relevancy will start to decrease.  

So, you must be aware of it. Keep the title on the H1 tag. After that, try to provide H2 to H6 tags on different headings. So, the audience will find it more fascinating and the on-page SEO takes great shape.  

Notwithstanding, one thing you need to keep in mind. Don’t overstuff the KW’s in the content. Otherwise, things could go wrong. Google’s AI can find out about KW stuffing.

If they find it out, they could down your site. So, use the KWs naturally and don’t force them into the content. 

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