SEO Tutorial

Are you a beginner in the SEO industry and seeking to get a proper guide to learn it thoroughly? Very well. We are here to help you. Here, we’ll cover all the major essential parts of SEO. 

You’ll learn the important things like finding keywords that are helpful to draw a good amount of traffic to your site, building high-quality backlinks, making the site user-friendly, and keeping it up with the latest Google update. All these things are helpful to increase the unique value of the site. 

Without SEO, it’s not possible to rank in search engines. Thus, if you want to reach mass audiences, SEO is more than necessary. 

The SEO world and tactics always change. You don’t know what tomorrow brings you! So, you should be always updated. Otherwise, you’ll fall behind in the competition. To keep this in the head, we’ll also bring you all the latest news regarding SEO. 

Hence, you can mix up all these information and put some regular practice to hone your SEO skills. You’ll surely be a pro and SEO savvy! Just stay with us! 

Some Core Knowledge of SEO

Do you have any idea regarding Alderfer’s ERG theory? It is widely regarded as one of the best psychological theories. Further, it depicts a clear draw line between the core and sophisticated needs. Now, the question is what’s the theory about? 

It mainly shows that we can’t go on the most advanced needs without filling the core human needs. For instance, you definitely won’t go to see a film in the theater if you don’t have money for food. Firstly, you need to fill the stomach, then you can think about entertainment. 

Now, we’ll show you our chart - 

Solid SEO actually begins with high-quality content. There’s a proverb that goes on - “Content is King”. Without quality content, you can’t expect to go far. Moreover, search engine also prefers good-quality content. The core depths of SEO begin with content and ensuring crawl accessibility. 

If we closely check out the chart, there are certain steps you’ll get. Further, these terms are also crucial to make SEO productive -  

1. Make super-quality content

2. The site possesses a crawling system so the search engines’ AI can crawl it

3. Proper keyword optimization according to the search engine’s demands

4. Superior user experience (especially on mobile phones)

5. Top-notch content that draws high-quality backlinks and citations

6. Meta-title, meta-description, proper URL, heading, etc., in order to get top-notch Click Through Ratings in the rankings

7. Snippet/Schema markup to get a good position in SERPs. 


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